Anscer Engine

The brain behind it all

The ANSCER Engine is Asia' s first (and one of the world' s first!) AMR ' heart and brain' and a combination of robust software and hardware that serve as a platform for the development of a multitude of service robots that can be used across industries, regardless of payload or application

As a modular technology, the AE comprises the very core of autonomous mobile robots, supporting industry-leading performance chips to help businesses around the world create customized AMRs. The ANSCER Engine empowers developers, who can create tailor-made AMR solutions without having to worry about computer vision, planning, telematics, or security

The ANSCER Engine powers our line of AMRs, too. But we've also used it in other innovative solutions, like our award-winning UV Disinfection Robot. The sky's the limit with the ANSCER Engine!



The ANSCER Engine is an accurate, robust and reliable solution that empowers mobile robots with the power of autonomy. It' s a simple to use, cost effective and efficient technology to bring your mobile robot into action.

The Core


ANSCER Core consists of a powerful GPU where sensory data from 2D/3D LiDARs, 3D Cameras, in built IMU and other safety level sensors/actuators can be configured



The onboard sensors and intelligent SLAM algorithms, improves robot autonomy enabling it to navigate while avoiding static and dynamic obstacles

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